Oct 14, 2008

Godhumai ( wheat ) Halwa

Amma makes Godhumai Halwa for every Diwali.
She makes the most yummiest halwa.. My first post
was about Amma's first hit at her in- laws place after her
marriage . But the second one Godhumai Halwa was a total
disaster . Mistakes make us perfect . That made Amma perfect
at making delicious Halwa.And this is the only sweet
that I never eat from sweet shops.
Diwali and my home town could not be divided ....my
home town is none other than Sivakasi .It is
a small town known for fireworks and match factories.
The town contributes 90 % of India's total fire works .
It is surrounded by match factories and fire works .We
couldnot find unemployment in our area..People
here are very active and hard working.. It is popularly
known as Kutty Japan which was given by
Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru .
Coming to the recipe ...
Whole wheat - 1 cup
Sugar - 3 cups ( can reduce to 2 cups )
Cardamom powder - 1/ 2 tsp
ghee - 1/2 cup
Saffron color - pinch
Cashew - 1 tblsp
  • Soak whole wheat with enough water for overnight.
  • In the morning drain the water and grind the wheat in the mixie using 1 cup of water.
  • Using a sieve squeeze the wheat milk.
  • Repeat this for 3 more times.
  • Keep the wheat milk aside for atleast for 1/2 hr.
  • The thick wheat milk sets at the bottom . Drain away the extra water that sets in the top.
  • Now in a heavy bottomed vessel ( I usually use 5 lr cooker ) Bring wheat milk, saffron color and sugar to boil.
  • Keep stirring continuously in a low medium flame.( otherwise it will form lumps).
  • Start adding ghee 2 tblsp at a time when halwa sticks at the bottom.
  • Fry cashews in 1 tsp of ghee in a separate pan.
  • Add cardamon powder and cashews to halwa.
  • Halwa is done when the ghee separates out from the pan.
  • It will take around 30 - 40 min for ghee to ooze out from the sides for 1 cup of wheat.
  • Serve in a bowl or cut into desired shapes.

And this is my entry to Srivalli's JFI : Festive Treats


Divya Vikram said...

Great to read abt famous Sivakasi! And halwa looks delicious..Makes me nostalgic..Looks like iruttukadai halwa!

Laavanya said...

Halwa is a tough one but yours is just perfect Kamala... All these diwali bakshanams are making my mouth water.. haven't even decided what to make yet.

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Hi Kamla....
This is a very nice recipe. Look so good. It had been a long time i did this halwa. Now u have tempted me... Nice reading this post....

DEESHA said...

looks delish ..

Sagari said...

beautifulllll color

Suma Rajesh said...

looks fantastic and mouthwatering pic..

Ramya Vijaykumar said...

I never knew JLN gave the name, wonderful facts... I wonder if I can ever make such halwa, to be honest they look like Thirunelveli halwa...

srikars kitchen said...

wow.. really fantastic... thxs for sharing... excellant colour... really mouth watering...

Srivalli said...

oh..I came running reading the title and surprised to see this is for me...thanks for the entry.

Vidhya said...

Nice post Kamala. Its really mouthwatering. Im gonna try this for Diwali.

Vidhya said...

Hey one more ? . Can we try this with wheat rava instead of whole wheat. I don't think I can get whole wheat here.

G.Pavani said...

thank u very much for ur lovely comments kamala..
halwa looks yummy and tempting me to eat from ur bowl...thx for sharing

Cham said...

Wow Sivakasi sarra vedi unga ourru? Amma is super kamala, U know I am not fond of sweet but ur halwa makes me drool and I should try at least once.

Sireesha said...

Halwa looks sooooo perfect and mouth-drooling...Love the colour...

Happy cook said...

Oh i love Halwa.
Wis i had a piece from that plate.
They look delicious

Priti said...

Halwa looking mouth watering...perfect colour....gud one dear

Bhawana said...

sooo tempting halwa :). I had this once at home after that never got a chnace. n u r making me homesick now. will try this :) in coming weekend.

Uma said...

woow, halwa is so tempting. Love the color. is that your saree in the background? Beautiful design and color.

meeso said...

Looks so rich and yummy!