Mar 12, 2008

Starting with my favourite sweet-Mysore Pak

Like all the girls I too inherit cooking and craft interest from my dear mom. This sweet is special one for both my mom and me. Few days after my mom's marriage my grandma asked the sweet she knows to make.Since mom is known for her favourite mysore pak she said this cute melting moments. And the next minute she was asked to do that and she won all hearts .And for a surprise I too first made mysorepak at my in laws place a week after my marriage.So for both of us this has become memorable one.


Besan flour-1 cup

sugar- 2 cup

water- 1 cup

ghee 2-2 1/2 cups


1.First sieve the besan flour and

roast it in 1 tsp ghee till u get the aroma.

2.In another kadai melt the ghee.

3.In a heavy bottomed pan or cooker,

add sugar and water.

4.Once u get 1/2 string consistency add

besan flour.

5.Now add ghee little by little to this.

6.Keep on stirring till the ghee separetes from the pan.(as in picture 2)

7.Pour it in a greased plate.After 3 min cut it

to the desired shape.


Never use old besan flour.

if besan is not handy amma used to

powder roasted bengal gram .You never fail with roasted bengal gram.


srivalli said...

Welcome to blogging...Mysore Pak looks great..looking forward to your other dishes...


Nags said...

u have a good start here :) Keep it up!! :)

remya said...

gud startg...mysore pak looks delish...keep goin

sowmya said...

mysore pak looks delicious..iam going to try it someday soon...

kamala said...

Thanks srivalli,Nags,remya for dropping comments.

sowmya try this and let me know

Jayashree said...

Thank you for visiting my blog.
Welcome to blogosphere......nice sweet start....

Asha said...

Are you a Kannadiga? Love Mysore Pak, it takes quite a skill to make it. Your's looks excellent. I hosted RCI-Karnataka few month's ago, check it out if you haven't yet.
Welcome to bogging community!:)

Uma said...

mysore pak looks great. Yum!


Looks just perfect with that porous texture!

Divya Vikram said...

I love mysorepaks..Have'nt tried them before..Will have to try this soon

Bharathy said...

A sweet start!Making mysore pak at home is not an easy job!Well done,girl!:)

ANJALI J. said...

welcome to blog world..i was welcomed in the same way wen i was new... :D thanks for ur comments.. good that u r putting up pictures along wid recipes.. if u have pictures, people respond to u more quickly :D