Jun 4, 2008

Koozh vadagam (Rice vadams)

Come every April , Amma starts making koozh vadagam
for the whole year.Amma wakes up very early in the morning and
makes the koozh and wake up us at 6 ' o clock to help her
before the scorching sun comes.
Parboiled rice - 2 1/2 cups
water - 16 cups
cumin seeds 2 tsp
hing - 1 tsp
Green chillies - 10
    • Soak the rice for 2 hrs.
    • Grind the rice to a nice batter along with green chillies.
    • Next day morning in a big cooker or thick bottom vessel pour the rice and water.
    • Stir continuously.
    • Add salt , jeera and curry leaves.
    • The batter should not be in the running consistency nor thick.
    • Keep an old mat in the floor under the sun.
    • Spread a dhoti over the mat.
    • Make small rounds of vadams with the help of spoon.

        Vadams at the end of the day

        • In the evening flip the dhoti.Sprinkle water over it.Let it soak for 10 min.

        • Remove the vadams after 10 min.

      Next day morning under the sun spread the vadams in the mat.

        • Let it dry completely.
        • Store in a airtight container.


      Happy cook said...

      Wow you make these home.
      I love these rice vadams, only ate them back at home.

      Asha said...

      I will make this in Aug after we come back from vacation. Usually I add Sago too. In my Thatha's home, they make these as big as a plate.I love it!:))

      Uma said...

      wow, this reminded me of my mom. I remember I used to help her in making these vadiyalu! Wonderful recipe, Kamala! thanks.

      Madhavi said...

      WOW great entry, u make these at home great yaar. We called Khicha Papdi.

      Cham said...

      Wow, remind my granny (patti) Kamala, i will do this summer because i am running out of vadagam this year... I help my granny to make it in hot summer days!

      Sukanya Ramkumar said...

      Hi Kamala:
      Great to see this. U make vadagam at home... Unbelievable. Looks so good and chunchy

      Suma Rajesh said...

      woo this looks gr8t...v can have during lunch or as a snack...luved it

      Sagari said...

      yummy rice vadams, love them with rice and dal

      Divya Vikram said...

      My grandmother makes this..I got them when I came here..He he..Bo patience to make these myself..Great going akka..

      bhags said...

      I used to make these with my mom....dont know if i wud ever try them on my own....u have done a great job

      Jayashree said...

      I've been making vadams this summer too.....do check out mine on my blog....

      Laavanya said...

      I remember helping my paati make these.. and I used to love eating the half baked version (with a little bit of gooey rice paste in the middle) usually a day or two after being out in the sun.

      Madhuram said...

      Wow you make vadams too! Sakalakalavalli pola irukku! Vadam la enakku oru kanavu pola irukku. I maked deep fried items only for krishna Jayanthi/deepavali, appa dhaan appalame porikaren.

      Indranee Batabyal said...

      First time visitor to your blog. You have great recipes and the cakes are just wonderful!

      Anonymous said...

      Wow...I remember the days when my neighbours used to keep these to dry in the sun.The terrace used to be full of them :)

      easycrafts said...

      We make these too...love the taste

      Vanamala said...

      vada looks good..

      meeso said...

      Dang, these are so good, and one of those things I can only have when I'm lucky enough to come across them at someones house!

      Jaya said...

      Lovely simply Wow!
      great job
      hugs and smiles

      Prema Sundar said...

      My MIL makes koozh vadagams every year too. it reminded me of her.

      Roopa said...

      mmmmm i love these:) My mom used to make it by adding galric, onions etc..mmm kamala you made me feel so bad wit those mouth watering pics and lot of good ol memories:)

      Anonymous said...

      My dad has been writing a book precisely on point with this blog, I have emailed him the web address so perhaps he could pick up a couple pointers. Fantastic Job.