Mar 19, 2008

Egg Dosa

Egg dosa is a popular one at our home.Amma used
to give us egg dosa for breakfast since we need energy
till the lunch time in the school.This is very simple to make.
Dosa batter - 1 cup
Egg - 1
Prepare dosa batter .Spread
the batter in the tawa as for the ordinary dosa.
Use 1 tsp oil and ghee.Once it is half cooked
break the egg and put it on the centre of dosa.
Cover the tawa with lid for 1 or 2 min.Once the
egg is cooked remove the lid.Sprinkle salt and pepper
on the egg.
If you dont like egg as half boiled,you can flip
the dosa another side and let the egg cook well for 2 min.
Take it off from the tawa.
This goes to srivalli's dosa mela.I am really happy to
participate in my first event and too in my favourite blogger Srivalli.


Laavanya said...

My husband loves this.. but I flip it over so it's well cooked.

Dhivya said...

wow!my hubby's favorite,,yummmmmmmmmm

Asha said...

Yummy dosa and nutritious too. Send it to Mansi for breakfast event!:)
See you in May.

Kalai said...

Yummy dosa. The egg looks so happy and perfect! Love this one, too! :)

Roopa said...

Hi Kamala, lovely egg dosa and ghee roast , i can have dosa anytime, its such a yummy snack:) perfect anytime:) egg dosa is something i never heard before, will try it one of these days. I am adding you to my blogroll:)

Cham said...

Even yesterday, i fed my little one egg dosa. I love ur egg dosa ... looks perfect.

TBC said...

I like egg dosas. We make it a little differently...

Namratha said...

I simply love egg dosas and its been a long time since I had one. Yummy!


Srivalli's dosa mela will come out as a great success with all these lovely dosais!

Srivalli said...

That looks lovely kamala...thanks for the lovely entry..I am so happy to have in the party!

Trupti said...

nice & nutritious dosas..Kamala

Happy Holi !!