Nov 15, 2008

Rava Dosa

This is the third week of RM.This week I like
to post some Breakfast recipes..The first of
in this series is Rava Dosa.Amma makes more
crispier and tasty Dosas..Cast iron skillet
makes the dosas more crispier than the
non stick pans..
Rava - 1 cup
Maida - 3/4 cup
Rice flour - 1/4 cup
Salt - to taste
Water - 5 cups
For seasoning
Oil - 1 tsp
Onion chopped - 1 tblsp
Grated ginger - 1 tsp
Chopped green chillies - 2
Curry leaves chopped - few
  • Mix rava , maida , rice flour and salt in a vessel with 5 cups of water.
  • Let them soak in water for 1/2 hr.
  • Heat oil in a pan . Add all the things under seasoning.
  • Add this to the rava batter.
  • Heat the cast iron tava . The tava should be hot.
  • Take a laddle of batter and start pouring from the sides of the tawa and finishing in the center.
  • Apply 1 tsp of oil.Rava dosa takes time to cook.
  • Remove from the tawa when it turns crispy.

My Co runners in RM

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Madhu said...

I make rava dosa for evening or morning quick tiffin. Looks very yummy.

Curry Leaf said...

Looks yummy.I love rava dosa and add various veggies and onions as well.

Cham said...

Adada Kamala , nan ungal vittuku vara poghirain. I feel eating rava dosa now :)

Divya Vikram said...

Looks lacy and airy..Perfect akka.. Love to have this with sugar!!:)

Priya said...

My all time crispy rava dosa with spicy chutney..dosa makes me hunger..

Srivalli said...

kamala..rava dosa has got the perfect finish!..looks very tempting!

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Rava dosa look so good. Turned out perfect for u. YUM! Loe to have it hot sambar.

meeso said...

Mmmmm, dosa's!

Bhawana said...

wow Kamala, u made rawa dosa. I was searching for the recipes. added in my favourites. looking tempting.

Laavanya said...

That looks so crispy & lacey.

Medhaa said...

Love the lacy look you have got. its perfect