Jun 27, 2008

Puran Poli

As the schools are closed the kids make me very busy . So I am rushing here for the events.Since I have sweet tooth I like all kinds of sweets.Boli or Poli finds a special memory under my heart. It was one Diwali Eve and my sister's first one after marriage.Amma was busy making sweets for the special occasion.She prepared the dough and filling for poli . I got little labor pain. I urged Amma to make Boli as soon as possible ( Since it was the second one I was more confident!!!) and we both started making Bolis quickly. After cooking all the Bolis we rushed to the hospital. So whenever I make Boli I remember those tension moments. Ingredients Maida - 1 cup Oil - 2 tsp water to make dough For Filling Jaggery - 1 cup Channa dal - 3/4 cup Cardamom - 1 tsp Coconut - 2 tblsp Method
  • Take Maida in a bowl .Rub 1 tsp of oil in Maida.Add water and knead to form a very soft dough.
  • Add remaining oil on top and leave it for 2 hrs.
  • Cook Channa dal in the pressure cooker with 2 cups of water for 2 whistles.
  • Once the dal is cooled grind channa dal and jaggery to a coarse paste.

  • Add cardamom and coconut.
  • If the paste has more water, Pour the paste in a kadai and under medium flame saute it till you make a soft ball.
  • Divide the filling and dough equally.
  • In a plastic sheet or banana leaf apply some

oil.Take one round of dough.

  • Spread it on the sheet.Now place one dal filling in the centre.

  • Cover the ball.
  • Do like this for remaining .

  • Heat a tawa.Take one ball in the plastic sheet.
  • Apply some oil.Spread the ball with the middle three fingers.
  • Slowly lift the boli from the sheet and place it on the tawa.
  • Apply 1 tsp of oil or ghee.
  • Cook well on both sides.

I am sending this to Sweet series By Mythreyee


Asha said...

I know!! I thought I am going to relax when the kids are out of school but we have so many eye, teeth and doc's appointments now, I am stressed out!:P

Poli looks yum. Take it easy girl, have a great weekend!:)

A&N said...

Thanks for the recipe! Looks really yummy! Brings back memories of festival times in India :)

Cham said...

He he same thing, my son is on vacation too... I am just preparing whatever he asks :) Poli re really yummy Kamala, what a great sweet moment to remember!

Mythreyee said...

Thank you so much for the lovely entry Kamala. Love it. Well illustrated. Thanks.

Laavanya said...

The poli looks fabulous.. reminds me of the ones that my mom makes. She used to make on Jan 13th (Bhogi) every year... i could keep eating it, hot of the stove :) I've made it just once or twice after getting married though.

meeso said...

Looks good, I always love eating this whenever I get the chance!

Kumudha said...

I love puran polis! In Bangalore my mom makes it with tuvar dal.

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

woaaaa, girl!! u seem to be on a major blogging spree.... I see that you've been posting almost daily!!! great going.... I love puran polis

srikars kitchen said...

i love puran poli. looks great and delicious.... wonderful entry....fantastic click....

Shri said...

Nice inviting poli.Great recipe

Madhuram said...

Very good one Kamala. Your poli really looks perfect.

Kalai said...

Delicious poli, Kamala. Man, that's some memory to have associated with poli, huh? :)