Jun 13, 2008

Eggless Zucchini Bread - Cinna Roll Ears - Your Recipe Rocks

Since Madhuram posted this recipe i made this 4 or 5 times ,
every time with a few variation.First time I did not change anything
from the original recipe.But my son does not like the banana flavor.
So the next time I substituted eggs for bananas and carrots for
Zucchini.The bread is so moist and delicious.Madhuram Your Recipe Rocks !!!
CinnaRoll Ears
I wanted to make Cinna Rolls ever since Ashaji posted this.
Last week I tried the rolls.Though I pressed the middle with wooden
spoon I did not get the shape. The outer look of the rolls is no where near
Ashaji , but it tasted good . My daughter likes all new food unlike my son. So whenever
I make something I eagerly wait for my son's response.So when he asked for
more rolls I am very happy .And Your Recipe Rocks Ashaji.


Happy cook said...

Well that bread looks looks delicious and that cinarolls look yumm? I remember seeing them in Asha's place.
I will wait for a while to try them, as i know if i make them i will eat a few of them.

Cham said...

Wow, both came out so perfect Kamala :) The bread looks very delicious and light too :) Cinna rolls ears are beautiful :)

Asha said...

YAY! Your son approved, that's good news for me!:D
Don't worry about the shape, sometimes they rise too fast to retain the shape, that's quite okay. Texture is imp, it really looks plump, golden and soft.Good job, glad you liked it.
Zucchini bread looks great too, eggless and that big is a really something!Good recipe. Enjoy:))

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Hi Kamala:
Zucchini bread looks so good. Cinna Roll rocks. Great recipes. YUM! Hay have something for u in my blog.

Uma said...

both the dishes turned out perfect Kamala! delicious.

ranji said...

wow kamala!!both are yummmmmy dishes..just purrrrrrrrfect:)...good job:)

Madhavi said...

WOW both dishes looks awesome and came out perfect, yummmmmmmmm!!!

lakshmi said...

kamala, the rolls look fantastic. bread texture is very good. i've been wanting to try asha's recipe as well. this makes me want to try it right away.

Madhuram said...

Thanks for trying the zucchini bread recipe Kamala. The cinnamon roll ears look so good. The outer glaze is amazing.