Apr 29, 2008

Panguni Pongal festival

I still remember during my school days, we all would be
waiting for the end of the final exams....for summer vacation?
No atleast for the southern parts of TamilNadu.
Mariamman kovil festival comes at the end of hectic
and fearing final exams.All my uncles and aunts come over
from distance places for this festival.So it happens to
be a meeting time of all my cousins.I always think our
ancestors made this Temple festivals as a get together
or a gathering of kith and kins coupled with offerings
to God.
People in and around Sivakasi give more
importance to Mariamman kovil Pongal festival than
Thai Pongal.All the local offices will be closed for 2 days
for this festival.
The festival starts with flag hoisting in the
Temple usually in the first sunday of Tamil month Panguni
( mid of March).Marriages should not be held until the
lowering of flag.The 21 st day after the flag hoisting
is the Pongal festival.The next day is the Annual Agni
Thiruvizha with hundreds of devotees taking up fire
pot procession.
The third day is the ( Therottam ) Temple car festival.
The Temple car goes around the main streets .And the festival
ends wiht the lowering of flag.Almost all the people
who lives in other places gather here for this big festival.
Another interesting thing during this festival
is matrimonial arrangements.People consider this festival as
the perfect place for looking around for brides and grooms.Lot
of marriages will be held after the festival.
Panguni pongal festival is so much to us like the
big festival Diwali.


Cham said...

Nice to know about panguni pongal kamala. The therotham is beautiful in our side, the amman tiruvizha is celebrated in Adhi (July- Aug) and even the thee midi vizha, therotham and kodi! Last year, i enjoyed the festival in India.

Sunshinemom said...

Kamala, I too have some really nice pics. I just happened to be there at Giri Traders near Mylapore Tank when the theru started moving! This is the same, isn't it?

Divya Vikram said...

I have been to sivakasi to my aunt s place during this festival..Enjoyed the light and fireworks show too

ANJALI J. said...

good info on panguni pongal.good to know about it.. Nice entry.

Madhavi said...

Good info abt pongal. Wonderful entry kamala!!!

Arundathi said...

Thanks for all that information!

Asha said...

Beautiful photos Kamala. Last time I saw these were when I was a teenager!!:)

Prema Sundar said...

Heard a lot abt the panguni pongal thru my MIL. She used to fast during that month too. nice to see the pictures.