Mar 28, 2008

Rising phulka

Amma makes perfect phulkas by using the hand grill.Before marriage
i never tried or made an attempt to make phulkas.Never thought this
would be that difficult to handle since amma makes phulkas with
much ease.After the marriage when i tried to replicate like amma's
I realised my misconception and there starts trials and errors for making
rising phulkas.
This is my version of phulkas.
Wheat flour - 2cups
Salt - 1 tsp
warm water - 1 cup

Take wheat flour and mix salt to this.

Now slowly add warm water to this and knead

well to get a soft dough.

Keep it aside for 30 min.

Make medium sized balls and roll out to a uniform,

thin rounds.

Keep the rolled out phulkas on a hot tawa.

Flip it to another side when you see the white spots.

Cook this side well.

Now take it out from tawa and put the half cooked side

directly on high flame.

And there you get the perfect rising phulkas.

Never get frustrated if your phulkas didnt rise.

Continuous practice would sure make master of this.


Jayashree said...

That's a perfect click...

Cham said...

Perfect phulka never tried at home , got to make it soon

Unknown said...

lovely phulka..i remember my phulkas were so bad in the beginning,but now improved in due course..i love the way it rises..

Unknown said...

I learnt to prepare this from my mother in law.They are light and healthy too..

Dhivya said...

Never tried at home:)looks so delicious

Anonymous said...

looks perfect!! I cant make Phulkas at all :(

Deepa Kuber said...

Wow great picture and perfect time too. It looks like a balloon :D

Deepa Kuber said...

My phulka never rise so well. which atta do u use by the way?

kamala said...

Anjali,Pilsbury and ashirvad r good.

Rupa said...

Perfect Pulkas....I also make'em but some rise and some dont..think it depends on how u roll it out

Uma said...

wow, the phulka is perfect! I always spoil them. I love the picture too.

Srivalli said...

Looks perfect...nice shot...

Suganya said...

Rising phulkas are tricky on electric stove. Wish I had a gas burner.

Sagari said...

perfect phulkassss

Madhavi said...

Phulka looks perfect and great!!!

Swapna said...

Hi Kamala...I tried your Phulka and it came out very well....Thanks for the recipe!!!!

Dori said...

Wow, that looks so perfect and good...I just did a post about finally getting my bread to puff :D I must have worked on it for years before I got it!

Ramya said...

Hi Kamala,
Im new to your site.Got attracted by your recipes.i wanna try the pulkha.Can u pls lemme know is it possible to make pulkha wth electric coil.Since i dont hav gas stove.

Swapna said...

Hi Kamala,
Just posted this recipe in my blog. Thank you so much for the recipe.