Mar 19, 2009

Masala Peanuts , Milagu Rasam and a Long Break

Hello Friends...I am taking a long break after this post as We have planned to move back to India next month.. Life is so busy for the last couple of months and finally we are packing everything..And kids are more excited to see their Grand parents , aunts and cousins after a long time..
I just want to contribute to blogger friends Divya and Priya before the hiatus.. Pepper is a common and everyday spice in the Indian kitchen..I like the combi of Milagu rasam and hot rice..For Milagu rasam I make freshly grounded masala which gives special aroma to the rasam.
Tamarind - 1 tsp Tomato - 1 Whole Pepper - 1 tsp WHole Jeera - 1 tsp Toor Dal - 1 tsp Hing - a pinch Mustard - 1/2 tsp Curry leaves - few Coriander leaves - chopped - 1 tbslp Red chillies - 2 Garlic minced - 2 Methi seeds - 1/4 tsp OIl - 1 tsp Salt to taste Method
  • Grind whole pepper , jeera and toor dal into a coarse powder.
  • Chop the tomatoes into small pieces or give a 1 min run in a mixer.
  • In bowl mix tomato , tamarind paste and 2 cups of water. Combine well.
  • Take oil in a kadai.Add mustard , methi , crushed red chillies hing and curry leaves.
  • When it starts splutter add the powder and the Tomato - Tamarind liquid.
  • Add the minced garlic too.When the rasam starts boiling add the coriander leaves and remove from the stove and add salt.
  • Serve with hot rice.

And this is off to Divya's Think Spice - Pepper started by Sunita Masala Peanuts


Peanuts - 1 cup

Besan flour - 1/4 cup

Rice flour - 2 tsp

Chilli powder - 1 tsp

Minced Garlic - 1

Hing - a pinch

Salt to taste

Garam masala - 1/2 tsp

Oil - 1 tsp


  • Mix everything together with a tsp of water.
  • Add water just to bind everything together..
  • In a MW plate spread the masala peanuts and MW high for 4 min.
  • Mix in between.

This is a quick and easy snack for the kids and surprise guests.

I am sending this to Priyas's MEC savoury snacks started by Srivalli.

Wish you all a Happy Ugadi , Tamil Puthandu.See you all with

Amma's yummy recipes..


Asha said...

Have a safe flight and enjoy India Kamala. Rasam and Peanuts both look delicious. I will miss you, make sure you come back as soon as you settle down. Hugs! :))

Divya Vikram said...

That is so sweet of you to send it for the think Pepper event. Are you moving to india for good or is it a vacation. Will chat with u sometime.

Happy cook said...

Will miss you here.
Anjoy the move to India and come back when you have fully settled down.

srikars kitchen said...

Have a safe Journey .. looks perfects & yummy..

Priya said...

Thats so nice of u dear, even with a busy schedule..Have a safe journey n come back soon once settled down...will surely miss u...

Srivalli said...

Have a safe trip..hope to meet you soon...:)..lovely sure nandu enjoyed those crispy peanuts!

Cham said...

Take care, I am gonna miss u for a while. En inniya puttandu naal vazhutukal!
Come back when u re setlle down! Lovely entries !

Madhavi said...

Hey..have a safe flight and enjoy india. Everything looks yummyyyy!!!

homecooked said...

Hey wish you all the best! Your dishes look superb.

EC said...

Milagu rasam is what I need having severe cold..Crispy peanuts

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Sukanya Ramkumar said...

Have fun in India Kamala... Both of ur dishes looks so good. YUM!

Vima said...

Hi Kamala

I came across your blog and Your blog is veryy nice... your recipes look soooo yummyyy.......

i've created my new blog few days posting my recipes as and when possible..if time permits, you can go through my blog.


n33ma said...

perfect looking dishes!