Jun 20, 2008

Mixed Fruit Jam - MEC Bottled

Those were the days when bread was not considered as
breakfast in our place.People bought bread only when
somebody was sick at home.But since Appa did his
college at Chennai he likes to have bread for breakfast at least
on Sundays.All my friends looked at me strangely when
Amma packed bread for school picnic.
During my childhood I like bread only because for
Kissan Jam.So Amma tried Tomato jam for the first time.I
still remember how I disliked those home made jam.Years
after Amma took a week course for making jam.After that
we never buy jam outside.Amma makes delicious mixed
fruit jam in a big Maltova or Bournvita bottle.
I don't have patience to make jam like Amma.
Just for Valli's microwave event I made in a small amount.
Here goes the recipe.
Fruit Pulp - 1 cup
Sugar - 3/4 - 1 cup
I use 1 apple , 1 banana , 1 cup Raspberries.
  • Remove the skin of apple and grate it.
  • Cut the banana into thin slices.
  • Puree apple and banana in the mixie.
  • Grind raspberry separetely and sieve it to remove the seeds.
  • Bring together the fruit pulp and sugar in a microwave safe bowl.
  • Close the bowl with lid and microwave high for 10 min.
  • Mix in between.
  • Remove the lid and microwave it again till you get the jam consistency.


To check the jam consistency, in a small bowl of water pour the jam into it.

You should get the soft ball stage.

If making for larger amount add citric acid and Sodium Benzoate (S. B )in the end.

I did not add color since i got natural color with Raspberries.If you need

add red color to the jam.


Asha said...

I used to love Kissan Jams too, thanks for reminding me!:))

Jam looks yum, great entry. I love Orange Marmalades as well with toast.
Have a great weekend.

Son started the Science camp? Tushar goes to Art(Guitar) Magnet school which are a bit different from regular school, don't know if he gets to go next year, Trisha did!

Cham said...

Fruit jam came out so good :) Ur mom should be a super chef! Where did u get fruit pulp? Lovely entry

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

That was a wonderful try. Looks great. YUM!. Home made jam is good for kids also. Lovely...

Laavanya said...

My husband still prefers Kissan jams to the ones we get here in the US. This looks so good and sounds pretty easy. Bookmarking to try.

Divya Vikram said...

My chithi makes jam at home too..Love kissan jam..I should try this recipe akka..souds delicious

Uma said...

fruit jam looks so good, Kamala! yummy.


That looks sooo yummy :) home made jams are always tastier

Srivalli said...

Thanks for the lovely entry kamala..i still love only kissan jams...:)

srikar's kitchen said...

nice colour... looks yummy...

Madhuram said...

We love Kissan jam too Kamala. So nowadays we don't get jam from the american grocery stores, we buy Kissan jam from the Indian store. Atleast I can live with american jam, but my husband literally hates it.

Your recipe looks so simple. I have some frozen raspberries, I was wondering what can I try with it. Hope this jam recipe will work out good with frozen raspberries.

picky mom said...

I didn't know it was possible to make homemade jams like that! I've been feeding my toddler store-bought jams and all the while feeling guilty about the amount of sugar and preservatives he's been eating. I will definitely try this one. BTW, will kissam jam work with other fruits like ripe mangoes? How long will it keep it I make it without any sodium benzoate? Thanks!